ЭКСКЛюЗИВ.Важное изменение в функциях VISTA (оф. сообщение без перевода)
To: All OEM Partners and Distributors
From: Scott Di Valerio
Subject: Important changes to Windows Vista
Date: April 27, 2007

Microsoft is committed to helping protect consumers and software resellers from the risks and fraud associated with pirated software. Sadly, millions of PCs that ship each year end up with non-genuine Windows software.

Windows Vista software changes the landscape through the integration of built-in anti-piracy technologies that make widespread pirating of the operating system more difficult and less attractive to end-users. These important changes provide an opportunity for you to compete more effectively against dishonest resellers.

How the technology works:

· All versions of Windows Vista must be activated with a genuine product key, either by the OEM or the end customer.

· If non-genuine Windows Vista is detected during activation, the system enters a 30-day grace period where some features will be disabled, important updates and downloads denied, and a constant message on the screen will remind the customer that the operating system is non-genuine.

· Following the 30-day grace period, the system will go into a reduced functionality mode until a valid key is entered. In reduced functionality mode, the user will experience:

· A black desktop background with only a browser icon available

· No Start Menu or task bar

· Limited Web browser availability, and

· Access to files and folders available only in safe mode

Windows Vista also includes anti-piracy technology that detects non-genuine versions on an ongoing basis as updates and enhancements are installed. If non-genuine Windows Vista is detected, the system enters the 30-day grace period with the same experience described above.

We are working hard to help you compete more effectively against pirated software and the changes to Windows Vista mark significant progress. Your Microsoft Account Representative will be contacting you soon to discuss these important changes. To get more information now about validation and activation, and legalization options for non-genuine users, please visit

Thank you for your business,

Scott Di Valerio
Corporate Vice President
OEM Segment

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